LDB Wealth Management Ltd

Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management

Lewis Burt
Certificate in financial planning, Diploma in financial planning, Cemap

Based in Kent, I provide wealth management advice to clients both within the City, and more widely throughout the South East of England.

I have worked in the financial services sector, specifically providing face to face Advice, for over 14 years. As a consequence, I have now established many working relationships with individuals within this sector due, in part, to the insight and understanding that I have for their specific financial requirements – whether these be personal or corporate.

I am committed to ensuring that my industry knowledge remains relevant and current by placing strong emphasis on my personal development. This, along with the pride and dedication that I place on developing solid personal relationships with my clients, ensures that am I able offer a rounded, professional and principled service.

In line with my professional background, I have focussed on developing specialist knowledge and am now fully qualified to provide advice in respect of trusts* and estate planning. However, as a representative of St. James's Place Wealth Management, my service is enhanced and complemented by the provision of advice covering the areas of investments, inheritance tax planning and retirement strategies.

Fundamentally I see my approach as one of problem-solving for the Client - rather than product-selling. As a result, my clients can expect to receive the most comprehensive and appropriate advice at all times.

Tel: 01322 40 55 10
Mobile: 0778 667 4490
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Donna Burt

Donna carries out the day to day running of the office and is responsible for all matters relating to clients. She will arrange a suitable time and location for you to meet Lewis and is happy to assist you with any general enquiries.

Donna also conducts paraplanning duties particularly in respect of pension, investments and tax planning.

Tel: 01322 40 55 10